Interactive, customized trainings

Suzanne’s lively, visual, high-engagement trainings win rave views. Custom trainings frequently created upon request.

Storytelling to Inspire Impact and Action

Innate ability to meet people where they are, speak their language, and be action oriented

  • See why stories are so effective in inspiring action and creating change
  • Create a story for your next presentation or conversation that accomplishes what you need most

Creating Presentations That Wow

Strategies are practical and easy to apply

  • Craft and deliver a compelling presentation—and great PowerPoint deck—to win over audiences and amplify your message
  • Boost presenters’ confidence and executive presence

Building an Effective Team

 Engaging and inspiring

  • Learn the key ingredients of a successful team (it’s not what you think)
  • Easy, vital steps to make a team both effective and enjoyable

Getting Your Message Heard

Applicable, useful, easy to understand

  • Get your point across by capturing attention, overcoming resistance, and building bridges
  • Find out when to be consistent in your message and when—and how—to vary it for impact

Increasing Buy-in and Engagement

Informative and interactive

  • Get staff and stakeholders invested in your project, and your mission
  • Apply the strategies to a current situation to leave the workshop with a plan of action

Making Meetings Work

No death by PowerPoint

  • For all the time we spend in meetings, how much do we invest in making them productive?
  • Transform your organization’s meetings with simple, doable strategies proven to work.

Effective Communications for Everyone

Excellent content and delivery

  • Master strategies that will enable you to reach stakeholders, create change, and form alliances
  • Gain a simple strategy and template for thoughtful communications that accomplish your goal


All available in-person or by webinar.