Information You Can Use

One of my great joys is connecting friends and clients with resources—whether it’s someone they should meet, a great article, or where to get rid of old pillows (give ‘em to the zoo). Below are a few of my favorite resources.

Check out my own “What to Donate Where Guide” for the East Bay.

Laura Peck, an awesome coach, facilitator, and trainer, has a great Tools section on her website. Her handouts on how to have a great meeting and year-end assessment are two of my favorites.

Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk and book give insights on “presence” and the power of body language. Who knew that standing like Wonder Woman for 2 minutes in a bathroom stall could make a difference in your next meeting?

Charles Duhigg’s Faster, Smarter, Better has many great insights and is a terrific read. You can get a taste of it by listening to the Freakonomics podcast with him, or by reading an excerpt in the New York Times.

Duhigg’s chapter on the ingredients of successful teams (the secret: psychological safety) comes from research at Google. Check out Google’s free online resources on teams and work in general from their not-so-well-known website.

Nonprofit communications guru Andy Goodman has a good website, a great newsletter, and worthwhile webinars.

Podcasts make drivetime so much better, or doing dishes, or ab crunches. Some of my  favorites are Hidden Brain podcasts on HR insights from Google (#34) and Adam Grant on originality (#22). Also TED Radio Hour (“Failure Is an Option”) and the New Yorker podcasts.

Get free passes to museums and kid-friendly places using your library card online.

What are favorite articles, website, or resources of yours?