Information You Can Use

One of my great joys is connecting friends and clients with resources—whether it’s someone they should meet, a great article, or where to get rid of old pillows (give ‘em to the zoo). Below are a few favorite resources.

Check out my own “What to Donate Where Guide.”

Strengthening teams is a staple of my work.  This podcast with Dan Coyle is helpful and engaging.

Charles Duhigg’s Faster, Smarter, Better has many great insights and is a terrific read. I often give clients this excerpt on teams from the New York Times.

I consult with organizations to make meetings better. This Freakonomics podcast is a great place to start, along with Priya Parker’s work (for a snapshot, try this Next Big Idea podcast).

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging underlie any successful team or organization. When I work with groups on DEI, I often point them to this Brene Brown and and Aiko Bethea podcast.

What are favorite articles, website, or resources of yours?