Examples From My Work

This sampling of recent projects provides a taste of the kinds of work I do. How can I help you and your organization?

Presentations that captivate. How many of you plan conferences and convenings? Eager for an alternative to the classic panel discussion? Look no further than this compelling video for an example of what Suzanne Samuel Consulting’s planning and coaching can do.

Working with the Center for Care Innovations on Kaiser Permanente’s Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes Every Day community initiative, I help design and run rave-reviewed, 100-person convenings twice a year. This time we introduced brief, TED-style “15 Minutes of Fame” talks. I coached presenters like Douglas Frey to create compact, story-filled presentations. Result? A huge hit with attendees, funders, video viewers alike. Let Suzanne turn your next convening into a memorable day of learning and impact!

Great storytelling, from the shower.  A Los Angeles-area clinic wanted to connect more of their homeless patients with medical, dental, mental health, and case management services. Hundreds of homeless clients came through their doors each month to take showers, but weren’t using the clinic’s other services.

Thanks to Cedars-Sinai and the Institute for High Quality Care, the clinic was ready to do something about it. They improved the accuracy of their data; built and tested new workflows. When it was time to share the project with the entire organization, they made a PowerPoint: lots of data—and no heart.

To inspire dozens of busy staff, what they needed was a story about the people they help every day. The solution? “To the showers!” As a result of my in-person storytelling workshop and follow-up coaching for this health center and seven others, they found a heart-warming story of a homeless man who turned his life around thanks to the clinic. The video, shown at their gala, raised a substantial sum. Let Suzanne teach your staff how to build storytelling muscle and inspire action.

A brand and a plan. When a statewide nursing nonprofit received a grant to maximize opportunities from healthcare reform by creating a new business plan, they knew communications was crucial. Together, we created a whole new brand for the organization—complete with a new name and a rollout strategy to energize and reassure stakeholders.

I also created a ready-to-implement communications plan (everything from newsletters to letterhead to staffing), technology recommendations (social media tools, relationship management software, you name it), and messaging. In the process, the whole team increased their understanding of communications and further clarified business goals. Our work resulted in a successful launch for their new brand and new lines of business—moving the organization forward.

Better presentations for engineers and the colleagues who love them. When eBay invited me to teach how to create an effective presentation, I put together a whole session of tips on making better PowerPoints and how to “own” a room. But what really landed was the idea of gearing presentations to an audience—what they care about. Suzanne can help your team create presentations that engage your audiences, deliver your message, and inspire the action you seek.

Improving quality, one coaching session at a time. “Quality improvement” is a key concept in healthcare, and an important part of my portfolio. It’s trying something new and doing something better—whether it’s more homeless clients being seen by providers and caseworkers, helping diabetic patients quit smoking, or speeding up seeing a specialist. Through Cedars-Sinai, Kaiser Permanente, the Institute for High Quality Care, and the Center for Care Innovations, I train and coach teams to plan, test, and implement changes—building skills and confidence.

My interactive webinars and in-person presentations teach how to tell a compelling story, communicate effectively, and get key stakeholders on board. My coaching enables teams to get more buy-in, have better meetings, and implement changes without freaking people out. My clients build new systems, help more patients, strengthen relationships—and improve quality.

How a toothache can help with diabetes. Chapa-De Indian Health Center had the smart idea that when patients come to their clinic for dental care, it’s the perfect time to make sure the patients are getting the medical care they need—and that chronic conditions like diabetes are being addressed. But first the medical and dental teams had to work together in new ways—which is where I came in. Through consulting, coaching, and training, I helped the teams find commonalities, open lines of communication, and create new systems that allowed this effort to succeed.